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Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot – Path to Permanent Resident

Canada has shut down the Interim Pathway for the Caregivers since October 8, 2019. It was a temporary pathway for immigrants to attain permanent residency in Canada. Meanwhile, Canada introduces two new programs for caregivers in achieving the same in the year 2019.
It brings in a ray of hope for the immigrants who want to get the permanent residence of Canada. As per the recent addition, two programs are currently running for the help of caregivers.

Introduction of two pilot programs for the ease of caregivers

The pilot programs are destined to accept the applications by caregivers. The caregivers from across the foreign countries planning to move to Canada for work can now come along with their family members. They can avail of the easy pathway for attaining permanent residency in Canada. The name for the two new pilot programs is as follows:

  • Home Support Worker Pilots.
  • Home Child Care Provider.

These two new programs are taking applications since June 18, 2019. These programs intend to replace the existing pilot programs that are responsible for keeping the foreign workers stuck in unwanted places. The government in charge has declared the existing pilot program ineffective that dealt with people and children with medical needs pilots.

The government also makes a statement that the parties and the caregivers themselves confronted for the complex ideology of pilot programs embedded in the year 2014. People who took up work in Canada under the 2014 pilot program got a conclusion that they won’t qualify for Permanent Residency.

With the new implementation of pilot programs in 2019, the caregivers can avail job opportunities in Canada and start their tenure to complete two years of work experience to be eligible for permanent residency. Not only that but the two new pilot programs, Home Support Worker Pilot and Home Child Care Provider Pilot also gain benefits from different aspects such as:

  • Occupation oriented work permits that will allow an individual to switch the organization whenever convenient.
  • Study and open-work permits for the families of the individuals to join him/her for moving to Canada together to have a good life.
  • Once the work experience and other requirements are fulfilled, there will be no hassle in converting the temporary residency status to permanent.

Canada’s Immigration Minister state that Canada is on a pathway to give better lives to the caregivers, along with their families who intend to work or study in Canada. He also states that the introduction of these new pilot programs is destined to focus on this commitment on a positive scale.

Working methodology of the new pilot programs for caregivers

Outside Canada

  1. If you are outside of Canada, then the first step that you must follow is to submit the application for getting the permit of study or work along with PR. Fill the applications for your family members as well.
  2. Between the periods, attain a job offer in Canada and pass the language test. For studies, you must take admission in any of the recognized Canadian university and must produce documents replicating the same.
  3. The next thing that you must do is to get an occupation oriented work permit to continue gaining the work experience of two years that is essential for attaining permanent residency status. You must also get study permits for your family members to join you in Canada.
  4. The next step will be finalizing your permanent residency. You can go for applying for the same when you know that you have completed earning two years of work experience, and your application will be processed without delay.

In Canada

If you are in living in Canada and possess some work experience as the home caregiver, then you can either follow the above process for acquiring permanent residency or continue to work with the existing permit to attain the permanent status once you have earned work experience of two years.

Details on the Changes concerning Canadian Caregivers

  • The previous pilot program of 2014 is not accepting applications any more since June 18, 2019, after the introduction of two new pilot programs.
  • The caregivers who are working under the 2014 pilot program need to renew their pilots and apply under the Home Support Worker Pilot or Home Child Care provider Pilot.
  • The new pilot programs will take up to 2750 applications for each program that totals up to 5500 application acceptance every year and their immediate family members.
  • The applications made under the new pilots will take 12-month service processing for the initial period. During the finalization of the permanent residence, there will be six-month service processing after the submission of work experience proof by the caregiver.
  • With the occupation oriented work permit under the new pilot programs, the employers can now easily hire caregivers from foreign countries without the need for additional assessment.

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