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Denied Entry to Canada?

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Most of the times, immigrations need immediate implement, and people have everything on the stack for the procedure. In such a scenario, nothing can be more heartbreaking than receiving a mail advising that your Immigration Visa is refused.

If you too are going through a similar situation, then you surely have alternatives!

  • You can approach the Federal Court of Canada after the refusal notifies you of the Canada immigration. You are always eligible to appeal your Canadian Migration after you are notified of the refusal.
  • You can also appeal to the Immigration Adjudication Division after the refusal of your immigration application within a certain period.
  • Other than that, after being notified for the refusal, you may also approach and appeal for the restoration of your immigration visa to the Case Processing Center.

Besides knowing the places where you can apply for the renewing process after the refusal, you also have to keep in mind that you have to act quickly and apply for discarding the visa as soon as possible. There are strict guidelines when it comes to the deadlines, and therefore, you need to be quick enough to respond to the refusal process.

But how do you know the deadline for each re-application procedure and the involved intricacies without any delay? This is when an experienced immigration firm comes into the picture.

This depends on your requirements and your nature of the case that what option is right for you. For example, whether you are tangled with an application for a skilled worker, Canadian Visa refusal, or a Sponsorship application or some other sort of application will determine the procedure and the law firm for you.

If you are appealing for Canadian Immigration refusal, then there are factors that you need to take into consideration. Like you need to keep an eye on whether the appeal was processed as well as filed in Canada or an embassy somewhere outside Canada.

Relying on these contributing circumstances, you may get the luxury to solve or resolve your case through appeal to your case in the first place or appeal again in spite of your refusal. The only thing that can save you is applying within the deadline before you see your rights blemishing.

No one has any personal grudge with you that they will refuse your visa. Normally Canadian Immigration Visas don’t get refused, but if the guidelines aren’t properly followed, then the Immigration officer has to deny the application on purpose.

You can find the guidelines in the Immigration regulations and manuals so your application does not likely result in a refusal. If you are not fortunate enough, then your application form would be judged by a strict Immigration officer who believes in the firm interpretation of the guidelines. There are even instances when the application is called in for a personal interview to judge the application process and find out if trust can be fostered and the candidate is credulous enough to get his visa approved.

Whatever the situation, maybe you need to follow the guidelines strictly and react to the refusal as soon as possible. If you are clueless about the current messed up situation of your visa and you think that your case has merit then it is always advised to consult an expert Immigration lawyer who is licensed and registered under the law.

Though getting approval for a Canadian Immigration Visa after a refusal isn’t rocket science, but many issues may arise during the procedure. To help your case from drowning after a refusal, you should hire an efficient immigration lawyer who can analyze and answer the following questions:

  • Is your case strong enough and are you eligible to combat with the negative refusal decision?
  • What are the chances of the re-appeal?
  • How long the process is going to take, and when the result is expected?
  • What are the steps that are involved?
  • It has been how long since you are notified of the refusal?
  • What Canadian Immigration firm you should appeal in? Is it the IAD or Federal Court of Canada?

If you see any chance of your application form getting refused or your immigration application is already refused, then you can get in touch with us without any delay. We can surely help you without any setbacks ad fulfill your dream of getting a job or studying in Canada. With unparalleled expertise, we take the entire responsibility of your visa.  The prices are reasonable, and the expertise is unmatched. What else can anyone wish for?

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