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The LMIA program allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals, which can cause an increase in the applicants Express Entry points, depending on the position.

The LMIA is an evaluation done by Service Canada or the job offer made by a Canadian employer for a foreign worker who is outside/inside of Canada.

In order to obtain a positive LMIA, a Canadian employer must prove that they cannot find a Canadian or a Permanent Resident professional to fill the position.

Other aspects of the job offer that are assessed:

  • Duties of position
  • Wage being offered
  • Ability of business to pay worker
  • Working conditions
  • And more

To find out more about the LMIA process or to find how to obtain one, please contact us to book a consultation.

A Visa For You Immigration specialist will be in the best position to help you determine if you can apply under this program. Please complete our Immigration Assessment Form to find out from one of our immigration specialists if you would qualify under this program.


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