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A Tourist Visa visitor is now referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa by Immigration Canada, and it can be an extremely difficult process.

Numerous people who apply and get refused never really know why they were refused in the first place. Immigration officers issue the applicant a standard refusal letter that outline vague reasons why the application was not accepted. The real reasons are most rarely ever given to the applicant.

Refusals can be avoided. Most of the time what is required for a positive response is the correct documents and explanations from the client to the immigration specialist.

Our guidance and assistance can ensure that your Visitor’s Visa will have a higher chance of success. Please contact us at any point of time to book a consultation.

A Visa For You Immigration specialist will be in the best position to help you determine if you can apply under this program. Please complete our Immigration Assessment Form to find out from one of our immigration specialists if you would qualify under this program.


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