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Why To Hire An Immigration Consultant: 

Selecting an Immigration Consultant is one of the first steps in beginning the process of Canadian Immigration. Many of the questions that we often hear our clients ask the Immigration Consultants include, “Why and What am I paying you for?” The answer is quite simple. Our Immigration Consultants are very experienced in the field of Immigration and assist our clients in deciding the best options available for Immigrating to Canada. The Immigration Consultants at VisaForYou look at every client as a unique individual, taking into account age, current and past employment, educational qualifications and then direct them towards the Immigration program that best suits their needs.

When choosing to proceed with our company,  here are some of the questions we believe you yourself and we are happy to answer them:

You can easily check it out by checking any one of our immigration paralegals, consultants, or lawyers’ full legal name By following this site www2.lsuc.on.ca/LawyerParalegalDirectory/loadSearchPage.do

In order to qualify for immigration and to represent clients before Canadian immigration authorities, the legal representative must be licensed by an authorized body approved by the Canadian immigration authorities

let’s face it, no one wants a professional immigration advisor who has never submitted an application before, we have worked on countless files and we can tell our clients that the average immigration file takes about two years, complicated files may take longer. The ability to respond to very special cases comes with years of experience, after an adviser has gone through a certain immigration path, we are very familiarize with that oath and what need to be done.

like with any other professions immigration advisers specialize in various areas of immigration law, immigrations is one of the most complicated law in Canada. it is very difficult to know everything about  the interpretation of each are as well as for one individual to and gain experience in all areas of immigration to Canada. Therefore, each one of our team member focus on their area of immigration law, such as: Express Entry, Criminal Rehabilitation, Family Sponsorship, Work Permits, and other applications.

How to select your immigration consultant? 

Often the first question a potential customer asks our immigration consultants is, “Why do I actually have to pay you?”
A question similar to the above is especially understandable if the questioner is not aware of the immigration information and the variety of options available with the immigration procedure to Canada.

The first answer that comes to mind is that we are certainly not being paid for completing immigration forms,
That can be done by many individuals with fair English comprehension and understanding.
Our professional fee is collected for our extensive and broad experience, our specific knowledge with immigration law and specific unique cases, and our important and valued leads ,which we acquired during the years of work in the field of immigration law.

A Visa For You Immigration specialist will be in the best position to help you determine if you can apply under this program. Please complete our Immigration Assessment Form to find out from one of our immigration specialists if you would qualify under this program.


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