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Certain Occupations have picked up a demanding hike in B.C. amidst the pandemic.

COVID 19 has impacted the working sector with major alterations.

Most sectors have taken a negative blow, as the shutdowns resulted in suppressing the supply-demand flow. The most affected sectors due to the pandemic were the hospitality and tourism sectors. But, some of the selected sectors did experience a progressive hike, and the vacancies increased.

The federal government took the pain to implement research on how the pandemic impacted the labour force in each territory and province. As per this research report, there are ten shortlisted jobs that gained demand hike during the COVID 19 crisis in B.C. The jobs are listed below for your knowledge, with respect to the National Occupational Classification code or NOC code.

1. NOC 1432- Payroll Administrators

The job role of payroll administrators demands them to collect, verifying and processing the payroll information. They determine the payouts and the benefits that are provided to the employees of an organization. Not just that, but their main job is to maintain the payroll record on per monthly and annual basis.

After COVID-19 brought in its crisis, the employment demands for this job dropped by 16% as of the month of April 2020. This drop was recorded in comparison to the statistics of 2019. But, the employment level for this profession rose again with the gradual rise of the demand. Most of the employers needed back support to analyze their revenue loss potential due to the pandemic outcomes. Therefore, the need for payroll administrators boomed to ensure that there was a limitation set upon the cost of employees.

2. NOC 2171- Information System Analysts & Consultants

The job role for such professionals is to analyze the system, test the requirements, and then implement the plans, procedures & policies. Not just that, but they have the authority to give their point of recommendations upon the issues within information systems.

This job or occupation did gain a trending peak after the pandemic took over. This effect is also expected to boom even after the pandemic is gone completely out of existence. The reason behind it is that the businesses started to depend upon the employees a lot, while the offices were forced to work from home. As a result, the need for some advanced technology and data security popped up. Hence, the companies started recruiting Information systems, analysts & consultants.

3. NOC 2174- Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers

Computer programmers have the ideology and expertise to write codes for developing or upgrading software. Not just that, but they have the knowledge to implement, test, and even modify the codes as per the specific needs of the individual software. On the other hand, interactive media developers’ job is to implement their focus upon developing mobile apps, computer games, video, film, training apps, and other such media solutions.

The employment aspects for this profession expanded amidst the pandemic. The reason behind this surge of demand is that the companies needed computer software solutions for all of the employees who were designated to work from home.

4. NOC 4413- Elementary & Secondary School Teacher Assistants

The job role for these assistants is to offer help to the students and teachers during the ongoing classes and other such associated tasks. The intention of these assistants is to maintain the decorum of behaviour and teaching management.

The employment aspects for this profession were also hiked with around 44% in the month of April 2020. This hike percentage is a straight comparison with the statistics of April 2019.

Most of the schools within the B.C. were leveraging the potential of online learning back during the crisis! It all started back in 2020 when the COVID restrictions were imposed. As of now, the in-class or physical learning is resumed in B.C. And there was a need for fund-raisers to increase the safety aspects within the institutions and to propose new learning measures. Bringing in the teacher assistant profession was an evolving learning measure that was proposed upon re-opening of the schools.

Therefore, you can conclude that teacher assistants intend to continue playing a superior role in both online and offline cases.

5. NOC 6221- Technical Sales Specialists

The technical sales specialists are designated to handle sales for technical goods & services. They sell their products or services to governments. Not just that, but their service extends to even industrial and commercial establishments. Some of such professionals are also working within the wholesale trade.

The pandemic took over the globe in the month of March 2020. The employment for this profession was initially dropping. But by the month of May 2020, the employment aspects and demand for this profession increased to substantial heights. It seemed like the industries and government sectors are restarting their establishments, and they need technical goods & services for the same.

6. NOC 6322- Cooks

Cooks intend to prepare or cook food! They are required in restaurants, small or big hotels, educational hubs, hospitals, and many other establishments.

The restaurants and other public places were closed during the pandemic! But home delivery was still the option. As people got the convenience to order food from home, the demand for restaurant food increased, along with the demand for cooks. Therefore, restaurants started to hire more cooks.

7. NOC 6733- Janitors, Caretakers, and the Building Superintendents

The job role of Janitors and Caretakers is to keep the commercial, residential and institutional buildings maintained and clean. The building superintendents hold the responsibility for all of the operations that are carried out within the building or establishment.

The demand for these professions picked up pace as of March 2020. There was an increased surge of demand for frequent sanitization and cleaning at different sectors to control the spread of COVID. Hence the demand increased!

8. NOC 7452- Material Handlers

The material handlers are proficient in handling, moving, loading, and unloading materials of all types. The employment need for this profession or job has significantly doubled as of 2020 than 2019. There is a record-breaking increase of 91% in demand for this job.

The reason behind this demanding hike is the necessity of frequent loading & unloading of essential items such as cleaning essentials, food, PPE kits, and others.

9. NOC 7511- Truck Drivers

The truck drivers are experienced handlers of transportation trucks to ship the goods and products without restrictions upon distances. These professionals helped deliver essentials across B.C during the pandemic. Therefore, the demand hiked for truck drivers during COVID 19 and B.C. Truckers Association along with the government categorized the trucks as food trucks, rest areas, and inspection stations.

10. NOC 8231- Underground Production & Development Miners

The job of these professionals is to commence with drilling, blasting, and operating the mining machinery. They do the job of extracting ore and coal from the mines. They even create tunnels & passageways for easy operations.

During the pandemic, the demand for these professionals dropped, but now there are high-paying opportunities within this profession.

Immigration to B.C. upon Working in these Professions

Economic immigration to Canada’s provinces has the policy to address the need for the labour market. It is to strengthen the economic growth potential of Canada. There are few paths, walking upon which one can attain permanent residence as well.

You need experience in any of the above professions and use it to apply for P.R., with the help of Express Entry. All of these jobs with NOC codes mean that you need to be skilled in your respective professions to take the job. You will be requested to apply with FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program), FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program), or CEC (Canadian Experience Class) immigration programs.

B.C Provincial Nominee Program has other important streams of immigration for the people who possess work experience in different jobs, other than that of the list.

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