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The eligible family members of a person can also head out to Canada to work. It is possible under the new policy of open work permit

There is a new policy up, with the name Open Work Permit. It is for the essential workers and also for the international students. This application is valid for the individuals to apply for until December 31, 2022. All the applicants who are already under the TR to PR pathways are now eligible to add their dependents to the new open work permit.

This new permit was launched on July 26 and is especially for the TR to PR applicants who are currently residing or working in Canada. Hence, it allows the applicants to continue with their working efforts while they are waiting for their PR application results.

The condition is that the family members need to be residing in Canada and should meet the eligibility requirements to attain a work permit. Upon attaining that, they can also work in Canada!

Eligibility Criteria for the Dependents or Family Members

  1. The principal application should have stated your name as the immediate family member over their PR application. The immediate family members are the spouse, common-law partner, and biological children.
  2. The children equal to or over 18 can be added to the names within the work permit. The name of younger kids can be added to the study permit.
  3. The dependents or family members will have to submit several documents at the time of applying. Considering the dependent or member, you are adding, you will have to produce marriage certificates or birth certificates. Along with that, you will also need to produce a Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union if you are stating the name for a common-law relationship.
  4. The immigration officer might also ask you questions to verify your relationship with the person. He/she will determine whether the relationship is genuine for immigration or not.

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