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Owner Operators Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) 

Businesses that plan to hire foreign employees generally undergo a protocol to prove that hiring beyond Canada will not negatively impact the Canadian economy.

Employers need to obtain authorization from the necessary authorities. Thus they often require a Labour Market Impact Assessment so that Canada can consider issuing a foreign worker visa.

Such a process changes for the owner-operators who are applying for an LMIA. A particular path is set for the ones who qualify for the program.

Exemptions from the Labour Market Impact Assessment

Firms that hire foreign workers for the purpose of legal employment in Canada generally need a complete LMIA to proceed to the subsequent phase of the process.

The document is a genuine necessity for a foreign hire to fill a vital job position. Usually, employers must first try hiring locals; otherwise, show that the Canadian labor market lacks the necessary talent. Industries requiring specialized competencies and education grow rapidly than the Canadians who meet the job requirements. For owner-operators, the main skill is creating business in Canada.

As labor markets vary on the basis of industry as well as business needs, LMIA applications offer varying paths to get the documentation. Sometimes the Government of Canada expedites the process for promoting specific kinds of business immigration, particularly the ones that create economic benefits.

An owner-operator LMIA application belongs to a different category than other foreign worker programs. Thus the processing time might get reduced, and the odds of successful application increase.

Owner Operators that are Exempt from Minimum Recruitment Requirements

Job adverting and recruitment is the most critical variations in the LMIA process. Various LMIA types need the owner to try and advertise to recruit from inside Canada for a particular time period before the firm considers hiring a foreign worker for the role.

The owner-operators do not requireto perform any recruiting activities or create advertisements for the purpose of employment. The department of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IIRC), as well as the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), would consider the application as a business owner and not as a prospective employee.

Requirements of LMIA Exemption for Owner Operators

Enterprises and businesses do not automatically receive permits due to LMIA exemptions that are designed to expedite business immigration. The program involves certain owner-operator Labour Market Impact Assessment requirements that need to be proven prior to proceeding to apply for a work visa.

  • The applicant has to be the sole proprietor of the entity, or
  • The applicant needs to own at least 50.1 % of the overall shares in the entity
  • An official document must act as the proof demonstrating that the applicant shareholder has a controlling interest
  • When it comes to owner-operators LMIA Canada, one must play a significant role in managing the business
  • The majority shareholder or sole proprietor cannot get dismissed from the position
  • The owner-operators LMIA business plan encompassing investment as well as financial planning
  • The applicant must showcase the ability to create employment for Canadians as well as the residents.

According to the Canadian government, the program is not designed for individuals who receive shares as a segment of the compensation package.

The applicants need to comply with these requirements throughout the entire duration of their stay under this program. No regional restrictions exist for the owner-operators who plan to apply under the LMIA exemption. The same process exists for LMIA in Vancouver and LMIA in Toronto.

The successful petition of an LMIA exemption does not assure a work permit, permanent or temporary residence.

Available Alternatives for LMIA Owner Operators

On the basis of the business situation, the owner-operators might intend to consider alternative options to achieve an LMIA exemption. A number of exemption codes have been highlighted by the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IIRC) for LMIA applicants, such as the trader and investor categories, which are under the international trade agreements with North America and Europe, among other means.

Canada motivates business immigration through diverse means and programs such as:

  • Canadian Federal Entrepreneur Program
  • Canadian Visa Start-up Program
  • Immigration Investor Program
  • British Columbia Nominee Program
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

These are some of the alternatives for owner operator LMIAthat may provide a holistic path for business people planning to expand into the Canadian market, establish new Canadian business,or engage in investment and trade that is beneficial to the Canadian economy.

FAQ – Owner Operators LMIA

Generally, such an LMIA is particularly reserved for established businesses. For instance, an applicant who recently bought a pre-existing Canadian business is more likely to get the exemption.
Obtaining an LMIA is a requirement for securing a work visa, irrespective of the immigration stream. So LMIA is part of a broader immigration process and not the ultimate goal.
The duration varies from one case to another, and it could range from weeks to months. A clear and concise business plan and proper legal documentation could minimize the waiting time.
An LMIA cannot guarantee residency. It only guarantees a high score to obtain a work visa. But LMIA is valuable as it increases the level of points score.

Starting Own Owner Operator Exemption Process easily

Time is money for business owner-operators, and they know it.Thus LMIA exemption is seen as a valuable component for all the enterprises that plan to enter the Canadian market from abroad.

Obtaining an owner-operators Labour Market Impact Assessment exemption needs a detailed business plan and proper legal documentation for migration. It encompasses employment estimates, financial plans, and details on property lease as they increase the odds of successful application.

My Visa Source gives reliable legal strategies for owner-operators LMIA programs, which are backed by experience. It is believed that a business immigration solution covers all components of the process, including business plan, entire documentation,and legal representation.

A Visa For You Immigration specialist will be in the best position to help you determine if you can apply under this program. Please complete our Immigration Assessment Form to find out from one of our immigration specialists if you would qualify under this program.


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