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4 common mistakes when applying for Temporary Visa

Want to travel to Canada?

Don’t have a Canadian visitor visa? Well, without this, you will not be able to visit Canada. So, before planning your journey, obtain your Canadian visitor visa. But getting a visa is not an easy task. The first thing that you need to do is filling up the application form. This is a time-consuming process and straightforward.

However, it has been witnessed that most of the people make errors while filling up the form. Well, remember that a single win mistake can lead to rejection of the application. So, to help you with this, we have explained about some common mistakes that people make. Learn about them, and you can avoid the mistakes.

Choose the consultants registered with the law society and by the ICCRC- Immigration Consultants of Canada.


Using unauthorized consultation services

It has seen that most people are applying for a Canadian visitor visa hire representative. But sometimes they end up hiring unlicensed agents. To get the best services, you should always prefer to go for a registered ICCRC consultant. ICCRC suggests that one should not sign with authorized agents. Remember that agents are not a consultant and they can’t offer your legal aid. If you are searching for a professional representative, always ask to check their credentials.

“Yes, we work with an ICCRC consultant but , you must pay first”
“Yes we have a consultant, but you cannot talk to them or we cannot tell you their name”
This should be your first clue that SOMETHING is wrong, the agent cannot give you any legal advice nor can they manage your case.


Incomplete application forms

While filling up the application form, be careful. Most people forget to put information in some fields. This one of the most common mistakes that everyone makes. So, if you think you don’t know the section, then don’t take the risk and try to understand the answer.

Besides, don’t forget to put your signature on the visa application. An application without a proper signature is not acceptable. ICCRC always advises you to don’t put your sign in the wrong section. There is a form called Generic form, where you can put the signature if you have used any translator. Otherwise, there is no need to sign the form. Before submitting the form, remember to check the form for at least 2 to 3 times.


Filling up the form with incorrect information

You must have heard the word “honesty is the best policy.” So, keep this in your mind while filling up the form. Always provide current information and valid documents. If you submit any fake document with the application form, then it will reject the application. Providing false information will lower your credibility of the application.


Insufficient proof about the home country

You need to provide enough documents which can show prove your social and financial connections to your home country. Otherwise, after the end of your stay, you will not be able to return. To show yourself as a genuine visitor, you can submit evidence of your permanent employment.

Want to apply for your Canadian visitor visa?

In the process of applying for a Canadian visitor visa, there is a risk of refusal. The process is quite complicated. So, you should always go for a professional registered ICCRC consultant or immigration attorney who can assist you in this. We have been helping people in this for years. We have helped a number of people to travel to Canada to study, work, and visit.
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