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Canada has recently released a guide on how essential workers and international students can apply for an open work permit in the country. The new instructions issued by the IRCC apply to those who have recently sought help for shifting from temporary residence status to permanent residence in the country. The department has released the most updated guidelines on its website so that the public can easily access them.

The new guidelines for TR and PR programs in the country were released by the Canadian government in May 2021. In total, six TR and PR programs offer immigration pathways to aspiring immigrants and international students who wish to live in Canada. The initial beneficiaries of this program were international students, essential workers. Moreover, people who speak French fluently also avail the new program. The people who have temporary residence documents are allowed to apply for these new programs. The residents who have a temporary work permit and study permit can apply for this special program.

The new open work permit offers a long-duration permit to those who already have a shorter timeframe of residence according to their documents. The new open permit allows the applicants to stay in Canada for a long time while the IRCC takes a decision on their permanent residence status. The new open permit, therefore, acts as a bridging permit for such people. The permit stays valid till December 31, 2021, which gives a lot of room for staying in the country to the immigrant. In addition to this, if the applicant’s spouse or dependent child below the age of 18 lives in Canada, the applicant’s application is valid. On the other hand, if the applicant has a common-law partner in the country, the above conditions also apply to him.

Which program does it apply to?

The new permit applies to the TR and PR programs of the country. There are six programs in total. This means that three of them are with caps. These three programs only accept English speakers. On the other hand, the other three programs apply to French speakers and do not have a limit of acceptance.

The six programs are listed below-

  • Workers in Canada- Stream A for healthcare 20000 applications cap.
  • Workers in Canada- Stream B for non-healthcare essential workers 30000 applications.
  • International graduates- 40000 applications
  • Workers in Canada- Stream A French speaker healthcare workers – No cap
  • French Speaking International graduates- no cap
  • Workers in Canada- Stream B French-speaking essential non-healthcare workers

The new programs close on November 5, 2021. The IRCC might also close the program prematurely if it gets the maximum applications before time.
Till now, the International graduates’ program and the pathway for essential workers in non-healthcare have filled up.

When can TR to PR applicants apply?

According to IRCC, you can apply for the new open permit up to four months before the existing TR permit expires. Family members of PR can also apply at any time. An applicant can also apply for the same if he or she has maintained status. He or she can also apply if there is the eligibility to restore the status.

How to apply?

The primary way of application is the online mode. You cannot apply for it at a port of entry to the country. If you are facing a disability or poor internet access, the IRCC provides the option to submit a paper application under such special conditions.

Here are the detailed steps of application to follow-

  • Step 1-

The first requirement of the application is to get a camera or a scanner. You need a debit or credit card to handle the payments for the application. You will need to see the instruction guide of IRCC. Therefore, you need adobe acrobat preloaded in your system.

  • Step 2- Pay the fee-

The applicant needs to pay the $155 fee of extending the work permit. The $100 fee is exempted. Thus, you have to pay the fees before actually applying for it.

  • Step 3-

Login to the IRCC account-The next step is to log in to the IRCC account. With the account, you can review your application and track the progress of the application. There are many steps to the whole application process. However, it is very easy as it is on one website. You just have to go to the Start your application step on the welcome page of your account.

  • Step 4- Get Documents checklist-

Once you create your own account, you answer a few questions to access your document checklist. For example, it will ask the duration for which you want to stay in Canada. Also, when your current status is asked, always choose the worker status. This is also for when you are a student. This is a temporary provision from the IRCC. The system will also ask for the scenario under which you are applying for the permit. Then choose the “I am applying for an open work permit under an active public policy or pilot program announced by IRCC option”. In the next step, when you are asked, there are fees associated with this application. Will you be paying your fees, or are you fee exempt? Answer that you are exempt from paying the fees.

  • Step 5-

IRCC’s instruction guide helps you in filling out the document checklist. For example, you will need the IMM 5710 form. This form is also called the Application to Change Conditions or Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker application. You have a Details of Intended Work in Canada section where you have to select the open work permit option in Box 1. Inbox four, where there is a job title option, write TRPR pathway PP OWP. In the brief description of duties, the box writes about the PR stream you have applied for. In the duration of expected employment, you can choose a deadline as far as December 21, 2022. However, the deadline date should not exceed your passport expiration date.

  • Step 6- Submit correct documents

For principal applicants, there has to be a copy of the fees receipt, a legal document that verifies your work’s legality, and proof of language test result. You also need your passport and a digital photo. You also need a Family Information Form.

You also might need to furnish a medical examination certificate and any birth or marriage certificates for accompanying family members.

Your family members will have their own document checklist that also includes an IMM 0008. This forms shows should have the family member’s name as listed in the principal applicant’s form for a tally. It is uploaded under client information.

After application

After you apply, a review officer checks your application. The officer assigned will check for your employer’s compliance history. This ensures your application’s validity. It determines whether you qualify for the work permit or not. If the application is found incomplete, the officer returns it to you for more information. If you qualify for the permit, the officer mails the work permit to your stated address.

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