New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

One of Canada’s north-eastern Maritime provinces, New Brunswick is also the only officially bilingual province in the country as around 30% of the population speaks French. Some of the prominent cities in the province are Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton.

New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee Program is called NBPNP. Using this program, immigration hopefuls can apply for and get a nomination certificate which can help them apply for permanent residence. The following are the applicable categories under the NBPNP:

  • Express Entry Labour Market Stream
  • Skilled Workers with Employer Support
  • Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
  • Entrepreneurial Stream
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Succession Connect pilot program

Express Entry Labour Market Stream

Working under the ‘Expression of Interest’ system, this stream is aligned with the federal Express Entry program. The NBPNP utilizes the Express Entry to fulfil NB’s demographic and labour market requirements.

Skilled Workers with Employer Support

Skilled workers who have received a full-time, permanent job offer from a NB employer can apply under this category.

Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

People who have graduated from a recognized educational institute in NB and have bought or started their own business in the province can apply under this category.

Entrepreneurial Stream

People who have invested funds in a business in NB and own and are actively managing the business can apply under this category.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

There are labour shortages in four Atlantic provinces and NB is one of them. Hence, it is part of a pilot program with the other three provinces in which it works with the Government of Canada to recruit workers to address the shortage. People who are either staying abroad or are staying in Canada on a temporary status can apply under this program.

New Brunswick Succession Connect

Launched in 2016, this program aims to bring together local business owners who want to pass on their business to like-minded newcomers who will preserve the legacy of the business and new immigrants who are looking for business opportunities.