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Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

One of Canada’s smaller provinces, Nova Scotia is located in the Maritimes region of the country and is made up of 3000 islands, Cape Breton Island and the Nova Scotia peninsula. Its capital is Halifax, a city renowned the world over for its dedication to the arts and culture and its high standard of living. The sea plays a huge role in the life of the people of this province. In fact, the province is renowned for the beauty of its coastline and its cuisine.

The PNP of Nova Scotia is known as NSNP or the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. It consists of the following streams:

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Entrepreneur Stream
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  • Physician Stream
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Aligned with the federal government’s Express Entry system, this category is aimed at highly skilled workers who have post-secondary education and are qualified for one of the 11 eligible jobs mentioned under this stream.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

This stream is also aligned with the Express Entry system and is aimed at workers with high levels of skill who have worked for one year for a Nova Scotia employer.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

Under this stream, the province can select skilled labour from Express Entry candidates to fulfil labour market demands. The type of labour needed changes with each round of invites.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for Physicians

Under this stream, the province can select skilled labour from Express Entry candidates that have received job offers either for a specialist physician or for a family physician or general practitioner.

Skilled Worker Stream

Under this stream, low-skilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers can apply if they have received a job offer from an NS employer.

Occupation in Demand Stream

Certain NOC Skill Level C related jobs are in high demand in NS. This stream is meant to target such jobs.

Entrepreneur Stream

As the name suggests, people who are interested in starting or buying a business and settling in NS can apply under this stream.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Under this stream, candidates who have completed at least two years of full-time study from a recognized NS Community College or NS university, have been operating their business in NS for at least a year and intend to settle in NS can apply.

Physician Stream

Under this stream, specialist physicians, general practitioners and family physicians who have been internationally trained and who have a signed job offer from NS health authorities can apply.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

There are labour shortages in four Atlantic provinces and NS is one of them. Hence, it is part of a pilot program with the other three provinces in which it works with the Government of Canada to recruit workers to address the shortage. People who are either staying abroad or are staying in Canada on a temporary status can apply under this program. Applicants need to have a job offer that is from a designated employer to apply under this category.

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