Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Often considered the gateway to Western Canada, Manitoba is located between Ontario and Saskatchewan. The two economic driving forces here are agriculture and natural resources and they make the province a driving force for Canada’s economy. The population is around 1.2 million and is mostly centred in and around Winnipeg. The communities here are tight-knit and the labour market stable while the wilderness is panoramic.

The PNP here is MPNP or the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program. Candidates who have the experience and skills that the province is looking for are nominated through this program.

The streams that are either currently active or being restructured are:

  • Skilled Worker Immigration Stream – including those in Manitoba and Overseas
    1. The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream will have two pathways:
      • Manitoba Work Experience Pathway
      • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
    2. The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream will have two pathways:
      • Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
      • Human Capital Pathway
  • Manitoba Business Investor Stream
  • Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway
  • Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative – through the MPNP
  • International Education Stream

Skilled Worker

This category operates using a system called ‘Expression of Interest’ or EOI. The candidates who are eligible need to answer questions online. Those profiles are submitted into the pool and scored based on the responses. Then the system ranks the candidates using certain factors and if the candidate scores high enough they can submit an application through the MPNP. There is no deadline and no limits on how many candidates can submit an EOI.

Currently, there are two streams under skilled worker. After the renewal process, the skilled worker pathway will have four streams given below.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Two types of applications are accepted under this category – international student graduates and qualified temporary foreign workers. They need to be currently working in the province and have a permanent full-time job offer by a Manitoba employer. These workers aren’t subject to a points-based system. There are two pathways under this type:
Manitoba Work Experience Pathway – Those who are working under temporary work permits which includes international graduates of Canadian post-secondary educational institutes and temporary workers.
Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway – Those who have been interviewed by employers from Manitoba outside the province and have received an invitation to apply.

Skilled Worker Overseas

This stream uses a points-based system to assess those who are outside of the country provided they can prove close ties to the province. There are three ways that they can do so:

  • Manitoba Support – family or friends
  • Manitoba Experience – past employment or education
  • Manitoba Invitation – invited by the MPNP

They also need to score a minimum of 60 points per five eligibility factors:

  • language proficiency,
  • age
  • education
  • work experience
  • adaptability

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

Aligned with the federal Express Entry program, this pathway allows candidates who have an active Express Entry profile, meet the requirements for Express Entry and are qualified under another MPNP stream. Manitoba has an In-demand Occupations List, and candidates have to show that they have experience in one of those occupations and also a strong family connection in the province.

Human Capital Pathway

Skilled foreign workers who can show that they have experience in one of the occupations listed in the In-demand Occupations List and who can also make strong labour connections can utilize this pathway.

Business Investor Stream

Those who are interested in doing business in the province can use this stream. The process is based on an Expression of Interest system wherein candidates can answer questions online and the most high-ranked are invited to apply to immigrate.

Farm Investor Pathway

Part of the Business Investor Stream, this pathway is specifically targetted at those who have enough experience and funds to start a farm in the province.

Entrepreneur Pathway

Under this pathway, the province can recruit and nominate qualified foreign business owners who plan to and can afford to move to Manitoba and start a new business, co-own a business or buy a business within two years of moving into Manitoba on a temporary work permit.

Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

Morden is a small town around 112 km from Winnipeg. It is looking for new immigrants in certain fields and professions. The immigration is conducted via the MPNP.

International Education Stream

The IES or International Education Stream is meant for Manitoba graduates who are perfect for the needs of industry. It provides faster pathways to immigration via three pathways:

  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway